BH Fitness Recumbent Bike H610






Silent magnetic control system
This system engages a magnetic brake
with the flywheel which offers quiet and
smooth pedaling motion.
The inertia-enhanced flywheel delivers a
more natural ride experience.

8 intensity regulation
Equipped with tension knob to regulate
manually 8 accurate workload points, the
users easily select the resistance for the
best workout.

Easy Fast-setting seat
The fast-setting slider design allows for
an easy custom fit for all users.

Minimum distance between pedals
The minimum distance between the anti-
slip pedals offers a comfortable and
challenging exercise. It also gives the
user’s knees perfect protection.

Oversized reclining seat
The oversized 3D reclining seat
effectively supports your waist and
bottom, bringing the most comfortable
fitness experience.



Easy-to-read LCD display
The LCD screen can display Speed, time,distance and
pulse in huge numbers. It allows you to monitor all
the exercise data immediately

Poly-V belt drive system
Thanks to maintenance-free Poly-V belt drive system,
the pedaling is smooth and silent.



Professional 3 pieces crank
Equipped with heady duty bearings, the 3 piece crank
provides a quiet and smooth pedaling motion.
Preventing injuries caused by the metal fatigue.




3×4 adjustable anti-slip pedals
With the adjustable foot strap, the enlarged pedals can
be used by all users




Balance regulation
Stabilize the Artic by rotating the built-in knob without
lifting the machine.




Wheels for transportation
The hidden wheels makes it easier to move and
convenient for storage.

Weight 35 kg
Dimensions 110 × 62 × 32 cm


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